Theology of the Body

About Tabor Life

The Tabor Life Institute is dedicated to the sacramental-liturgical worldview of the human person and of the entire created order. This is a worldview which in fact holds the answer to all of life’s questions precisely because it is the most honest and fully integrated vision of reality. The sacramental-liturgical worldview, therefore, has an immense capacity to liberate and to transform people’s lives, at times even instantly.

Pope John Paul II’s theology of the body is the principle delivery system for this sacramental, liturgical worldview.  Along with the teachings of Pope John Paul II, the Tabor Life institute incorporates the sum total of the spiritual wisdom of the Church both east and west, irrefutable science, personal testimonies, and common sense in presentations that are fully integrated and comprehensive. The Tabor Life Institute presenters come from both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic spiritual and liturgical traditions. This greatly contributes to Tabor’s special capacity for fully integrated presentations of the sacramental-liturgical worldview.

The Tabor Life Institute specializes in compassionately yet forthrightly bringing honesty, clarity and perspective to the most controversial and delicate issues related to the entire experience of human sexuality. Therefore, youth, disenfranchised Christians and non-believers are a particular concern and focus of our work.

The Tabor Life Institute was founded in 2003 by Catherine Baranko who serves as its current President. We are also members of TOBIA, (Theology of the Body International Alliance.)

How Can Tabor Life Serve You?

The Tabor Life Institute provides pastoral counseling, workshops, days of recollection, retreats, field trips and study groups that can be tailored to your needs.  We offer a versatile range of a single presenter and/or a team of presenters for teen and adult audiences. The sacramental-liturgical worldview as delivered through John Paul II’s theology of the body is ideal for married couples, couples preparing for marriage, single people and youth. But the elderly love this message as well because it affirms them in many of the virtues that they struggled to live by their entire lives.

The Tabor Life Institute addresses the subject of pornography and purity of heart in a way that is unique and comprehensive. Audiences are lead to understand the “science of seeing,” how and why soft or hard pornography takes hold of a person. Then they are taught how to reconfigure their personal”ethos of seeing” according to the sacramental-liturgical worldview in order to break the power of lust and pornography.

We invite you to contact us for whatever your needs may be.

What is the “Theology of the Body?”

At the Tabor Life Institute, we are fond of saying that it is the “answer to all of life’s questions.”  This is because the theology of the body is the delivery system for the sacramental-liturgical worldview.  During his Pontificate, Pope John Paul II reached deep into the sum total of the Church’s wisdom, the Scriptures, the human experience and irrefutable science to put together a vision of the human person, “an adequate anthropology” as the Pope himself called it.

The theology of the body means exactly what it says: the body reveals God (theology.)

The God of Christianity is a Holy Trinity; three persons, yet one God, a Union and Communion of Persons in an eternal existence of self donation, of perfect love. This Trinitarian God, however, did something marvelous. An invisible God, while still remaining Trinity, mysteriously moved out from the Trinity and became visible through His own created order, through the physical. God intimately, freely, faithfully, and fully united Himself with His own creation, especially with the human person. This defining action of all reality is most often and most profoundly referred to in the Scriptures and in Church Tradition as a “marriage” or as Pope John Paul II called it, the “Spousal Mystery.”

The Bible also tells us that human beings are made in the image and likeness of that Triune God. This naturally means that, like God,  we too are persons who are made to become a union and communion of persons in a free, faithful and full act of self donation. The human person is called to share in the Spousal Mystery, to love as God loves. Pope John Paul II called the Spousal Mystery the “fundamental element of human existence.” Indeed, the Spousal Mystery is the “DNA” of the entire created order. All of life and reality was created upon the principle of gift. All of creation, especially the human person, points to God.

Human beings can share in the Spousal Mystery precisely by the fact that the human person was created male and female. Gender is purposeful. Gender is revelatory.

The theology of the body is a theology of gender. It provides the ultimate “why” behind our being human, male or female. Unless we know the ultimate “why” behind our being male and female we do not know “how” to be male and female and therefore, we do not know how to truly be for one another. The theology of the body returns our understanding of our human sexuality back to its source-the very interior life of the Holy Trinity and the Spousal relation between and God and His own creation.

Since our bodies have a “theology,” they can “speak a language.” The key to all happiness in life and to all moral discernment comes down to this one simple principle: Are we telling a truth or telling a lie with the “language of our bodies?” If we are speaking a truth with our bodies it will result in holiness and happiness. If we speak a lie with our bodies it will result in hurt and therefore unhappiness.  All human well-being rests upon learning and living honestly the language of our bodies. This is why the theology of the body is indeed the “answer to all of life’s questions.