Growing legs

Our legs continue to grow at the Tabor Life Institute. We expect to have our 5013C status in place before the end of this year.  Also, Tabor Life will now become the principle sponsor of Fr. Loya’s program, “A Body of Truth.” This program is part of where founder and CEO, Jeff Gardner is stepping up to help Tabor Life with its development work. “A Body of Truth” brings the sacramental-liturgical perspective to the hottest moral issues of our day in a way that is unlike anything heard in media today. This is not the usual point-counterpoint, liberal versus conservative constant contentiousness that typifies talk radio today.  Rather, through the personalities, events and issues that are put before all of our eyes each “A Body of Truth’ brings that honest perspective that can only be seen through the prism of the sacramental-liturgical worldview.


Spanish outreach

It has been a real “go ahead” year for Pat Reidy, chairman of our Spanish Department at Tabor Life. Pat has opened up new programs to train theology of the body presenters for the wide open and fertile field of the Latino population.  Pat’s efforts this past year have stretched across Mexico, Texas and Illinois. Tabor Life is very committed to getting the sacramental-liturgical worldview into the Latino community because it will deliver a serious blow to such anti-person, anti-life efforts such as Planned Parenthood whose strategy it is to exploit minority populations.

Keep tuned to for upcoming training sessions for Spanish speaking populations.


Back by popular demand

The Tabor Life team, featuring our teen and young adult presenters, has been invited back to Southern Catholic University in Gainsville, GA this summer to do another presentation of the theology of the body to teenagers. Young audiences are a special focus of the mission and vision of Tabor Life and this is characteristic of the breadth and width of what Tabor has to offer.  One of the things that we find most motivating at Tabor is serving any variety of venues from a single presenter, to a team, from young to older and every age in between and from small group to large convention.


The Tabor community

The Tabor Life Institute is at the same time a community of sorts which hopes to continue to grow in this vein. The members of Tabor are fervent participants in the life of the Church, primarily but not exclusively in Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Homer Glen, IL where the Tabor Life Institute is headquartered. The parish feeds Tabor and Tabor feeds the parish. Tabor members pray and worship together, eat together and share most of the waking moments of their lives together. We are all united by a common vision and common prayer life.

The fundamental element of complimentarity, so much a part of the message of the theology of the body, is modeled by the Tabor community because men and women work, pray and eat together but also because our members represent the two complimentary “lungs” of the Church: the Eastern Rites and the Latin Rite.