Transforming lives through education and

formation in the theology of the body.

Using John Paul II’s theology of the body, Sacred Scripture, Christian mysticism, the arts and the liturgical heritage of the Eastern Catholic Churches the Tabor Life Institute helps people to transform their lives through the rediscovery of the original “ethos of seeing” the Sacramental-liturgical worldview. This is a way of seeing life and the entire created order honestly, as it truly is and in turn learning how to relate honestly to the entire created order, most especially to the human person.

The Sacramental worldview comes to its fullness in the human person where our human sexuality is seen as an icon of the very interior life of the Holy Trinity. It is precisely through our sexuality that we are able to enter into the “Spousal Mystery” to love as God loves. Through the theology of the body, Sacred Scripture, Christian mysticism and liturgy the Tabor Life Institute is dedicated to helping people to understand “why” they are human, male and female and consequently “how” to truly be human, man and woman and how to be for each other. We believe that the theology of the body and the Sacramental-liturgical worldview is indeed the answer to all of life’s questions.

So, what are YOU seeing in the above images?
Were you struck by the dominant images of Jesus Christ, the flying doves or the feet of an innocent child?  Did you see the message of the triumph of good over evil? Or, rather, did you… Read More. . .
 1 Minute Meditations  Listen Now 

 No Such Thing as a Homosexual

There is no such thing as a homosexual.  I am Fr. Thomas J. Loya with a theology of the body moment for the Tabor Life Institute. Read More…

Current Affairs:  Fr. Tom Reflections

Worldview Hot-Buttons and Global Politics

Looking at human sexuality through the prism of the Sacramental-Liturgical worldview facilitates a truly balanced, accurate and honest perspective on all of the hot-button issues of our times.  In this series of articles Fr. Thomas J. Loya and the Tabor Life Institute will apply Theology of the Body’s Sacramental-Liturgical worldview to hot-button issues and global politics in a way that is unlike anything else seen or heard in the media. Read More..

Ask Fr. Tom
We welcome you into our “H-ZONE”, the “Honesty zone”.  We will graciously entertain your questions.  Our answers will be a search for impeccable honesty.  Honesty is not only the basis of true compassion and sensitivity but it leads to Holiness which in turn guarantees Happiness.



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